Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hi Family,

It's weird that it is June already. Mission conference was good. Elder W. Craig Zwick from the Seventy was here and so was Elder Hemmingway from the missionary department. I got to talk to Elder Zwick after the meeting briefly though. For some reason I felt that I should ask him if he knew "LeRoy Drechsel". He immediately responded, "Is that your grandpa?" He then told me all about how he looked up to him so much and that he was his Bishop growing up, and what he did and how he was his mentor. (You didn't tell me all of that) So Grandpa was the Bishop of the Seventy assigned to my mission. I thought that was interesting. He knew Mom's name too after I mentioned it. He even let me get a picture with him for "cute little Joanne" He said that you would have known his little brother Jeff better than him though I guess. So that was cool this week.

We had a 5th Sunday lesson. It was about Family History and how to do it and stuff. That's pretty much all for this week though. kloveyoubye.

Love, Elder Udy

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