Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

Dear family,

The cops that showed up during our lesson last week were just looking for a guy. He wasn't there...anymore. He had left a couple minutes earlier. It was funny. They just asked if he was there and then left. 
Zone conference was really good. President Wakolo has completely changed the focus of the mission. It was entirely about "Increasing the Spiritual Capacity" of the missionaries. It was really good. We didn't have to memorize the study guide. We barely had time to go through it a little bit. 
We have some good people that we are working with. One is a pastor that we met this week. He says that he has always respected Mormons and how they carry themselves. He thinks that we "exude Christ-like love and qualities" and he wants to know how and why. So we are excited for him. We have some other good families that we are working with right now too. 
The weather actually got hotter this last week. On Saturday the heat index was 112 degrees and Sunday it was 114. We were also on bike week. Elder Allred and I actually couldn't go out in it. We did for awhile, but only until I got heat exhaustion and almost passed out both days. Then we went in. I have been staying hydrated, but I guess that it was just too hot for me. I'm hoping that it doesn't continue. It would really hurt the work if I couldn't bike in it.
That's all for this week. kloveyoubye.
Love, Other Elder Udy

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Hi family,

Since there are not many members in Kennett we do most of our own cooking.  I could use some simple fast recipes I guess. Elder Allred and I  usually cook pretty well. We made biscuits and sausage gravy from scratch the other day. It was pretty good. 
Not a ton has happened this week really. Kept working with people, met more people, etc. One of our lessons was interrupted by cops knocking on the door. So yeah. That was interesting. Life as a missionary just keeps on going. 
Our mission president sent us all a 4 page study guide that we all need to go through before Zone Conference on Thursday. So we will be doing that this week for a bit. Not much else really. kloveyoubye.
Love, Other Elder Udy

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

Hi Family,

I just finished reading through Psalms and Proverbs! The Old Testament
is one of my favorite things to learn about, study, and teach!

We don't get fed much out here. We are far away from most
members and there aren't a lot to begin with. We just buy our own food
and cook for ourselves. I am getting pretty good at cooking though.

The humidity is fine. It hasn't been to bad recently. Except the days
after the 2 lightning storms this week. Oh yeah, by the way we had
lightning storms and the streets of Kennett completely flooded. So
that was fun! :-D

Me and Elder Allred get along well. We have a lot in common actually.

Only a few of the people we met panned out, but we have some
good people that we are working with still.

Not a ton happened this week except for a guy passed
out in church while giving the closing talk. We had to rush onto the
stage to help him sit down so he didn't fall. He has diabetes and was
low on sugar. Kind of scary, but he is okay and fine now. We had
breakfast with him this morning actually. Nothing really exciting
other than that. kloveyoubye.

Love, Other Elder Udy

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 4, 2014

Hi family,
It's nice that I can keep in touch with my friends serving missions. Share experiences and stuff between each other and find out what they are doing that works in there mission to help me improve. 
The Blytheville missionaries are back now. Working 2 areas was kind of tough, but it all went okay.
I got my new companion of course, Elder Allred. He is from Lapoint Utah. It is a small town that has about 300 people in it, just outside of Vernal. He is pretty cool. He is pretty ripped scares me a little. He picked me up and threw me onto my bed the other night. I have never experienced that before. It was fun! 
We were on bikes this week. We met a ton of new people biking around in between appointments. We had something like 37 lessons and 11 new investigators, so it was good! Bikes do have advantages. That's about it for the week. kloveyoubye.
Love, Other Elder Udy