Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

We had transfers last week, and I got moved away to a new area actually! I'm in Kennett, MO. The only area in our mission that is in Missouri! 40 years ago, you could be shot here just for being a Mormon! Not anymore though. It's an awesome little small town though. We barely even need a car to get around. Our bikes can get us around just as fast basically. 
We are part of the Blytheville Ward. There is another set of Elders in Blytheville, and a senior couple also. The ward is super small. Only about 30-35 active members. My companions name is Elder Jelte! I love Elder Jelte! I knew him from my first transfer in Walnut Grove. We were in the same district. We have been good friends since, so it is awesome that we get to serve together now! 
The humidity isn't too bad up here actually. We are further north, so it's not as strong. Love you.

Love, Other Elder Udy

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