Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28, 2015

Hi Family,

I got transferred to Cabot. The ward that David and Amanda Lynn lived in...unfortunately it was just a little to late because they are in Japan now. Haha. Showed up just after they left. The ward is really nice though. I'm in Arkansas again for the second transfer in my mission. I am serving with Elder Hanson. He is from Montpelier Idaho. It is actually a small town up right next to Camp Bartlett where I worked. So that is kind of funny.

We heard about the blood moon a lot, but it was overcast so we couldn't see it. Some people don't understand that ALL the prophecies have to be fulfilled before the second coming. Not just one of them. That's pretty much it. A pretty slow week. kloveyoubye.

Love, Elder Udy

P.S. We received the following text tonight. Enjoyed having your son and his companion, Elder Hansen, over for dinner tonight! He is doing well. The Murphey's

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