Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Hi Family,

My companion and I are getting along well. It's kind of hard for us to talk to each other sometimes because we have nothing in common except the gospel. He is a huge sports guy and doesn't do a whole lot with technology or games or performing, so that has been a slight struggle, but it has been good overall. 

We don't usually watch the Firesides until P-day or if we have it on CD in the car. We usually download them and burn them onto CD's though. 

I had to give a talk in church on Sunday too. They wanted me to speak on preparing for a mission and what it's like and stuff. They gave me a day and a half notice. I guess I inherited dad's over preparation, because I was only supposed to speak for 20 minutes, but it ended up at a little over 25 and I still had stuff prepared. It's better than not having enough to say though. That's all for this week! kloveyoubye.

Love, Elder Udy

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