Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014

Hi Family,

 A lot of the people that I see around Kennett do know that we are missionaries. I have been here so long though that I recognize a ton of people when we go around. I can name probably 75% of the people that we see on the street, so it is kind of weird now. 
Our biggest stumbling block is probably preconceived notions about the church. People that don't actually know what we believe and don't want to, or (my personal favorite) when people "know exactly" what we believe better than we do. People have basically told us that we don't know what we believe, they do though. So that is fun. 
Our baptism is hopefully going to be rescheduled. We are trying to catch them still.
I have heard of Meet the Mormons. We saw it Wednesday morning last week before it was in theaters in a zone meeting. It was really good. Hopefully it will help put down some of the false ideas people have about us. That's about it for the week. kloveyoubye.
Love, Elder Udy

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