Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014

Dear Family,

So it turns out I'm not being transferred this week after all. Which is really surprising. One of the reasons I thought I was going to be transferred was because Elder Allred was supposed to be training. 
The library wasn't open on Labor Day, so we had to use some members computers to write home. We are supposed to be getting iPads soon. We actually have them already in the mission office, but they aren't giving them out yet for some reason. The pilot program was a couple of years ago for them. We are on a pilot program though. We have Book of Mormon download pass-along cards that we can hand out. We are the only mission that has them.
Elder Zwick is going to do some sort of conference while he is here. It is in the next couple of weeks. 
We went to this less active woman's house and she invited us in, sat us down, and told us she had 2 people for us to teach and baptize. So that was awesome. Also, We went to this other woman's house and when she answered the door, she told us that she had been praying for us to stop by that morning. So that's cool. And then We also got to go see a play that some of our investigators directed! So it was a good week over all. kloveyoubye.

Love, Other Elder Udy

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