Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Hi Family,

Our meeting with Elder Zwick was awesome. He brings such a powerful spirit with him. 
That woman that was baptized got confirmed yesterday, so that was cool. The scheduled baptisms are in Kennett. That girl is doing well. She is still working on preparing for baptism and all. She has a date for the 12th also. 
We don't have iPads yet, but Elder Zwick announced them and showed us the programs and stuff when he was here. He said we should have them by the end of the year. 
We will watch general conference down at the church building in Blytheville, Arkansas. We will drive down there Saturday morning, watch all the sessions and then spend the night with the other elders in the Blytheville house. Then wake up and watch the rest on Sunday. kloveyoubye.
Love, The Only Elder Udy

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