Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Our investigators are progressing well. We have had several tell us that they know the Book of Mormon is true and the church is true, but they just have no way to make it to church. (Church is a 45 minute drive to Blytheville, Arkansas) It's kind of rough. We will figure it out though. Some of them just need to be more committed. A couple of them say yes it is all true, but won't even try to find a way down to church. They will only come if we set it all up for them. We will keep trying though. Not a ton is going on other than that though. 
We have specialized training this week with President Wakolo. This is the first time we will see him teaching a whole meeting rather than just part of a zone meeting. We are all pretty excited for it.
That's all. kloveyoubye.
Love, Other Elder Udy

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